• Residential Locksmith

  • When to re-key your home?  

    • New home.  Many people could have duplicate keys to your house.
    • Change in roommates
    • Recent remodeling/home repair with contractors entering your home


    Common repairs

    Your key just turns around without locking or unlocking.

    Multi-point locking patio doors will often fail so that you can lock or sometimes even open your door.  


    Hardware replacement



  • Tired of latch key children losing their house key or fumbling with your keys at the door?


    Try a keypad deadbolt.  Available in various finishes.

  • Patio doors are often troublesome.  Especially the type where you have to lift the handle and turn the deadbolt to lock.   Parts in these door break so that you can't lock them or sometimes even open them. 

  • Thumb latches often fail from the outside, but still work from the inside.  Sometimes it is due to a couple of loose screws and other times there is a gear cartridge inside that is stripped.