• Commercial Locksmith

  • Businesses commonly call us complaining that their doors are not shutting correctly.   ADA requires that doors open with a minimal amount of effort and give a person a certain amount of time to get through the door.  This is especially important for older, frail, or disabled people.   

    Employee staff turn-over may require you to re-key the locks on your business.  We can give high turn-over businesses options to reduce the costs of frequent 're-keying'.  Ask us!


  • Keypad locks

    This is a commercial grade keypad lock for office doors.  Options allow for multiple codes and an audit trail as well.

  • Restricted Keyways

    Restricted keyways allow you to change your locks to ones which use keys that are not easily duplicated.  The big box stores will not have the blanks to make unauthorized copies of your keys.  There are varying levels of availability of these.


  • Door Closers

    Door closers are an import part of your door assembly.  When operating correctly, it keeps the door operating in a safe controlled manner.  When broken or out of adjustment the door may swing wildly become dangerous.

  • Master Keying

    We can simplify the number of keys you must keep by creating a master key system.

  • Exit Devices

    Panic bars are used for safe egress from buildings.